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About Leia

What is a Hologram?

Holograms are images formed by microscopic interference patterns on a surface which cause rays of light to look like they are coming from 3D objects in front of or behind the display surface.


Holograms can not produce images beyond the edge of the screen.

Credit: Ultrasonic Haptic Feedback Group

What is a Volumetric Display?

Volumetric displays create light at the same point as the 3D image.


This means the light is not limited by the bounds of a screen. The world is its screen, and the image can be seen from any angle.

Credit: Ultrasonic Haptice Feedback Group

What is Leia?

Leia is our group's name for our volumetric display, named after Princess Leia from the first Star Wars movie. In an iconic scene, Leia pleads for help through a recorded 3D projection produced by R2D2.

Credit: Ultrasonic Haptice Feedback Group

How Does Leia Work?

Leia is based on a phenomenon called Photophoresis. Spherical lenses create aberrations in laser light which heat up microscopic particles in a way that traps them inside the beam.


We can then move this beam around with computer-controlled mirrors and light up the particle with RGB lasers to trace out an image.

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