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What is it?

The Hunt for the Hologram Particle is a curriculum that integrates SEEd and CTE requirements into a research driven competition. The program provides students with a unique opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research that has the potential to directly impact the future of 3D display technology. Participants will use specialized kits to design and conduct experiments to identify and isolate the most effective particle for use in future 3D displays.

This curriculum is designed to foster a spirit of innovation and creativity among students, encouraging them to develop new hypotheses and experiment with a range of materials, from everyday substances like peanut butter to advanced materials such as diamond nanoparticles. By engaging in such explorations, students will gain invaluable experience in scientific inquiry, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. 

The competition winners will have the opportunity to present their research findings  and will receive patent protection for their discoveries. Will your students be the ones to identify the optimal particle for 3D display technology? Will they conduct experiments on the greatest number of particles? Or will they explore the unconventional and experiment with a diverse range of particles never before tried?

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